frequently asked questions
  • Yes. URTH Gold™ is ethical gold. A third party expert evaluates each community to guarantee they meet our fundamental values or agree to conform to them. URTH gold is also ethical because a portion of all profits goes back to the community to improve their quality of life and mining practices.
  • No. Currently there is no Fair Trade certified gold, though standards are being developed. URTH and Urth Solution work with communities who recognise room for improvement (both socially and environmentally) in their practices and show a willingness to change. The miners are paid above local market rate for their gold.
  • Within our three source communities we have several ways in which we (and you) are helping:

    -In Antanimbary, Madagascar, we are working towards building a secondary school (all profits from the Pippa Small for URTH 18kt gold leaf pendant are used to this end.)

    -In Tipuani, Bolivia we are organising health and safety courses that address issues such as mercury (sometimes used to extract gold from sand) reduction, management and elimination.

    -In Wazuli, Bolivia, workshops on health and safety will begin April 7, 2008 and will provide miners with essential equipment such as safety hats and masks.
  • Yes.  Your URTH purchase will arrive in elegant, eco-friendly gift packaging.
  • Items may be exchanged for store credit. Items received damaged may be returned.